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State of Oregon Homepage
Governor´s Office

Oregon Revised Statutes

Oregon Blue Book

State Employee Telephone Directory
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State Agencies Directory

Oregon Emergency Management

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Oregon Water Resources Department

Oregon Department of Transportation

Oregon Division of State Lands

Oregon Department of Forestry

Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development

National Marine Fisheries Service

National Environmental Protection Agency

The Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds

Watershed and Invasive Species Stewardship Education Program

Oregon Climate Service

Link to information on Oregon schools

Interactive geologic map of Oregon - OGDC (a cooperative project with the PSU Geology Department)
Portland State University Department of Geology
Portland State University

Oregon State University
University of Oregon
The Condon Museum at the University of Oregon
Eastern Oregon University
Oregon Institute of Technology
Western Oregon University
Southern Oregon University
Southwestern Oregon University Center
Oregon Health Sciences University

Geological Society of the Oregon Country
Oregon Board of Geologist Examiners
Geological Society of America

State of Washington Home Page
Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources
Washington State Parks
Washington Trails Association
University of Washington
University of Washington Department of Earth and Space Sciences
University of Washington Geophysics program
The Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network at the University of Washington

Eastern Washington University Department of Geology
Eastern Washington University

Washington State University Department of Geology
Washington State University

Central Washington University
The Evergreen State College
UW Bothell
UW Tacoma
Western Washington University
WSU Spokane
WSU Tri-Cities
WSU Vancouver

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District

Bureau of Land Management for Oregon and Washington
   BLM Oregon/Washington Minerals Program

Pacific Northwest Geologic Mapping and Urban Hazards

More Northwest Links including USDA Forest Service Sites

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