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The latest SLIDO interim release data become available on the web only at regular intervals as new data are added. You can also download the entire current major SLIDO release.

Current Interim Release


December 29, 2014: SLIDO-3.2 is available as a web map, geodatabase, and map services.

SLIDO 3.2 Web Map
SLIDO 3.2 Geodatabase (Esri ArcView version 10.1)
SLIDO 3.2 Map Services To use a web service, you must have a GIS application like Esri ArcMap, Esri ArcGIS Online, Google Earth, or MN Mapserver.
Landslide Polygons - Scarps, Head Scarps and Deposits
Historically Active Landslide Points
Source Map References

February 24, 2016: The Statewide Landslide Susceptibility Overview layer (DOGAMI Open-File Report O-16-02) is a map service:

Statewide Landslide Susceptibility - georeferenced tif file

How to use map services:

To connect to a WMS (web map service) in Esri ArcMap 10.1:

  1. In ArcMap, click "Add Data" button
  2. In the Add Data dialog box, select "GIS Servers"
  3. Select "Add ArcGIS Server"
  4. Select "Use GIS Services" and click "Next"
  5. Enter the URL for the server, e.g.:
    (no username or password are needed)
  6. Click "Finish"
  7. Double-click on "arcgis on (user)" to see a list of data layers
  8. Select a layer to add, e.g., ORAqueousChemistry1_10

To connect to a WFS (web feature service) in Esri ArcMap 10.1:

  1. Make sure the Data Interoperability extension has been installed
  2. In ArcMap, click the "Add Data" button
  3. Click the Look in drop-down menu and select "Interoperability Connections"
  4. Choose a WFS service from your list of WFS connections, e.g.:
    to add the service's contents as a feature layer

To connect to a KML (keyhole markup language) file:

  1. Click on the KML file link in the browser window.
  2. When prompted, either save the file to your local drive or select an application capable of consuming KML files (e.g., ArcGIS Explorer, ArcGlobe, and Google Earth) to open the KML file.

Last Major SLIDO Release

April 23, 2014: SLIDO-3.0 complete publication file set

Download complete SLIDO-3.0 publication file set (zip file, 762 MB). Note that geodatabase requires specialty GIS software to view and use.

SLIDO-3.0 publication file set contains two publications:

1. DOGAMI publication Statewide Landslide Information Layer for Oregon, release 3 (SLIDO-3.0) by William J. Burns and Rudie J. Watzig

SLIDO-3.0 report text, appendices, map plate, and GIS files and embedded metadata:

1a. Report text:
- "SLIDO-3-text_print.pdf" - PDF-formatted report in high-resolution version suitable for printing
- "SLIDO-3-text_onscreen.pdf" (740 KB) - PDF-formatted report suitable for onscreen viewing. (Report text EPUB [7 MB] - download epub).

Once downloaded, an EPUB can be viewed by transferring the file to any device that supports the EPUB file format, or by importing the EPUB file into an EPUB reading application on your desktop. Many applications support reading EPUB files, for example:

DOGAMI does not endorse any particular commerical e-reader product.

1b. Appendices:
- Appendix A: SLIDO, release 1 (SLIDO-1) publication file set.
- Appendix B: SLIDO, release 2 (SLIDO-2) publication file set.
- Appendix C: Microsoft Excel spreadsheet listing the 347 source references (Microsoft Excel file, 46 KB) compiled in SLIDO-3.0
- Appendix D: SLIDO-3.0 Geodatabase Structure and Update Procedure (PDF, 185 KB)

1c. Map plate:
- "SLIDO-3-plate1_print.pdf" - PDF-formatted mapview of data in high-resolution version suitable for printing
- "SLIDO-3-plate1_onscreen.pdf" (10 MB) - PDF-formatted mapview of data suitable for onscreen viewing

To view Adobe Acrobat portable document format (.pdf) files, download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe Systems Inc., San Jose, CA.

1d. "" (155 MB) - Note that geodatabase requires specialty GIS software to view and use. Esri ArcView version 10.1 geodatabase of landslide-related features (landslides, debris/alluvial fans, and colluvium/talus) polygons from 346 studies listed in Appendix C. The geodatabase consists of:

- Historic_Landslide_Points feature dataset
- Landslide_Deposit_Polygons feature dataset:
- Deposits – feature class. Landslide deposits.
- Photos – feature class. Rasters of landslide photographs.
- Scarp_Flanks – feature class. Landslide scarp and flank polygons.
- Scarps – feature class. Landslide scarps polylines.
- Index_Detailed_Landslide_Studies feature class
- Index_Reference_Map feature class
- References table
- Detailed metadata is embedded in the geodatabase


2. DOGAMI Special Paper 42, Protocol for Inventory Mapping of Landslide Deposits from Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar) Imagery by William J. Burns and Ian P. Madin, Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

2a. Report text:

- sp-42_onscreen.pdf, (4.2 MB) PDF-formatted, low-resolution version suitable for onscreen viewing

To view Adobe Acrobat portable document format (.pdf) files, download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe Systems Inc., San Jose, CA.

2b. "geodatabase_template" folder:
- Landslide_Inventory_Template_Arcinfo.gdb - includes relationship classes between the feature classes
- Landslide_Inventory_Template_Arcview.gdb
- sr_Toolbox.tbx - additional tools: Find Unmatched Features and Unjoin Layers