• beach and hotels

    1. Nehalem Bay

  • tsunami evacuation sign

    2. Rockaway Beach

  • making an evacuation plan

    3. Southern Lincoln County

  • first-aid kit

    4. Bandon

  • duck, cover, and hold during an earthquake

    5. How is your community preparing?

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Earthquakes and the tsunamis that can result from them are inevitable in the Pacific Northwest -- but the damage is not. How prepared is your community?

Community Tsunami Preparedness, 2nd Edition

Community Tsunami Preparedness is now live on the MetEd website and available in the FEMA EMI Independent Course catalog as IS-326.

This module is designed to help emergency managers prepare their communities for tsunamis. Lessons include basic tsunami science, hazards produced by tsunamis, the tsunami warning system, the importance of public education activities, and how to craft good emergency messages and develop tsunami response plans. The module also contains links to extensive Reference and Resources sections. Login required but registration is free.