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Warning: After an earthquake and tsunami, cell phone towers might be damaged. Know and practice your evacuation plan beforehand.

If you live at or visit the coast, this information may save your life. Take a look and share what you learn with your family and friends.

The evacuation zones on these maps were developed by the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries in consultation with local officials. Evacuation routes were developed by local officials and reviewed by the Oregon Department of Emergency Management. Note that the tsunami inundation limits shown on these maps represent the worst case scenario for the two types of tsunami shown. The inundation limits are intended only to guide tsunami evacuation for these two extreme events. These maps should not be used for land-use planning or engineering purposes.

Are you off the map? If you live outside the map boundaries shown on the PDFs below, don’t worry. Use the evacuation zone web map viewer to type in an address or to see areas not included on the map brochures.

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  North to South: extent of tsunami evacuation maps on the Oregon coast




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