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Ocean Today - Tsunami Awareness OEM Waves
The Oregon Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has developed this educational video to inform visitors to the Oregon coast about tsunami safety. The video is part of a larger educational project to raise the preparedness level of the Oregon coast's hospitality industry.
Ocean Today - Tsunami Awareness Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW) videos
CREW's YouTube channel offers a number of earthquake and tsunami related videos and webcasts.
Ocean Today - Tsunami Awareness Tsunami Awareness
3:17 minutes, from Ocean Today, a NOAA site that explores ocean phenomena on video.

Why and how to "Drop, Cover, and Hold On!"
6:19 minutes, Demonstration by Professor Lori Dengler, 2009 Great California Shakeout, YouTube channel

Tsunami Preparedness in Oregon
9:07 minutes, 215 MB, .mov file

Earthquakes in Oregon!
40:39 minutes, 277,608 KB, .mov file
Washington County Public Afairs Forum presentation.

Earthquakes in Oregon! short version
1:20 minutes, 9,328 KB, .mp3 file
Washington County Public Afairs Forum presentation.
SMILE 2010 Tsunami Preparedness Public Service Announcements
2 MB to 5 MB .wav files
Videos created by Oregon State University's SMILE (Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences) 2010 Program high school student teams
Team 1 | Team 2 | Team 3 | Team 4 | Team 6 |
Team 7 | Team 8 | Team 9 | Team 10 | Team 11 | Team 12


Tsunami Inundation Scenario Animations for the Oregon Coast

The following are two-dimensional animations of tsunami inundation for the project areas listed. Each animation contains insets that zoom into a city or area of interest within the project area. Colors in the animations depict wave elevation in meters above Mean Higher High Water (the tidal datum used in all tsunami simulations). The time step between frames in the animations is 1 minute. Filenames include the tsunami scenario name and the general location. For more information on the scenarios, please see the summary report provided in the associated open-file report.

Cascadia XXL scenarios, from north to south:

Clatsop area:
Columbia River mouth (.wmv file, 18 MB)
Seaside - Cannon Beach (.wmv file, 33 MB)
—from DOGAMI Open-File Report O-13-18

Tillamook area:
Garibaldi - Bay City - Netarts Bay (.wmv file, 10.3 MB)
Manzanita - Nehalem - Pacific City - Nestucca Bay (.wmv file, 5.9 MB)
—from DOGAMI Open-File Report O-13-17

Central Coast area:
Lincoln City (.avi file, 8.8 MB)
Depoe Bay (.avi file, 8.1 MB)
Newport - Toledo (.avi file, 9.2 MB)
Waldport (.avi file, 9.5 MB)
Yachats (.avi file, 9 MB)
Florence (.avi file, 10.6 MB)
Reedsport (.avi file, 10 MB)
—from DOGAMI Open-File Report O-13-16

Coos Bay area:
Coos Bay (animated .gif file, 4.5 MB)
—from DOGAMI Open-File Report O-13-15

Bandon area:
Bandon (animated .gif file, 4.8 MB)
—from DOGAMI Open-File Report O-13-14

South Coast area:
South Coast (animated .gif file, 4.8 MB)
—from DOGAMI Open-File Report O-13-13

Tsunami Animation: Prince William Sound, Alaska, 1964
1:28 minutes, YouTube Mercator projection | Orthographic projection

One of the largest earthquakes ever recorded by instruments (and the largest ever in the United States) struck south-central Alaska on March 27, 1964 (local time). This 9.2 magnitude earthquake generated a tsunami that killed people in Alaska and California and damaged property in those states as well as in British Columbia, Oregon, and Hawaii. This NOAA/NWS/Pacific Tsunami Warning Center animation shows how that tsunami may have propagated in the Pacific Ocean and covers a 20-hour period finishing with an "energy map" showing the forecasted maximum heights of open-ocean tsunami waves followed by the forecasted tsunami runup on the coasts.

Cannon Beach Tsunami Simulation
2:00 minutes, 3,964 KB, .mov file


Tsunami Audio PSAs, courtesy of the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program:
General Tsunami Awareness | Tsunami Warnings | Historical U.S. Tsunami Events
Tsunami Siren Systems, courtesy of KAST 1370 Astoria
10:07 minutes, 4.05 MB, .mp3 file
Thunderbird Killer Whale story
1:35 minutes, 1.45 MB .mp3 file
Tsunami Safety Tip
0:30 minutes, .mp3 file

Levels of NWS tsunami messages:

Tsunami Warning 0:30 minutes, .mp3 file

Tsunami Advisory 0:30 minutes, .mp3 file

Tsunami Watch 0:30 minutes, .mp3 file

Tsunami Information Statement 0:30 minutes, .mp3 file