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YouTube Animation: Tsunamis: Be Prepared and Stay Safe!

This fast draw video from NOAA explains how to prepare for and respond to a tsunami. If you live, work, or play on the coast, be prepared and stay safe! 1:46 min.

DOGAMI Open-File Report O-15-02, Local tsunami evacuation analysis of Seaside and Gearhart, Clatsop County, Oregon

This report evaluates the difficulty of pedestrian evacuation of Seaside and Gearhart, Oregon, in the event of a local tsunami generated by an earthquake on the Cascadia subduction zone (CSZ). The map plates depict minimum evacuation speed needed to stay ahead of the wave for three levels of increasing evacuation difficulty: 1) all bridges intact, 5-minute delay from start of earthquake before starting evacuation, 2) only retrofitted bridges intact, 5-minute delay, and 3) only retrofitted bridges intact, 10-minute delay.

The Extraordinary Voyage of Kamome: A Tsunami Boat Comes Home

Book (PDF)
Companion Website

This bilingual Japanese-English children's book tells the true story of a boat owned by a Rikuzentakata, Japan high school that floated to Crescent City, California after the March 2011 tsunami. Crescent City High School students cleaned the boat helped return it to the Rikuzentakata school. Beautifully illustrated, this book will trigger interest in earthquakes, tsunamis, and ocean processes.


Without Warning, a comic by OEM and Darkhorse Comics

Tells the story of Cascadia High School student, as she rescues her little sister after a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake. This publication is a partnership between the Oregon Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and Darkhorse Comics. It was funded by the Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (crew.org) and is available for free by downloading. It is perfect for reading on mobile devices and can be freely shared.

Employment in Oregon's Tsunami Inundation Zones

This Oregon Employment Department article by d Guy Tauer discusses coast-wide impacts of various tsunami scenarios, impact by county, community, and industries, and planning for a potentially bumpy and wet future.

Tsunami! What Oregon Boat Owners Need to Know

This 2-page PDF brochure offers information on preparing for a tsunami, tsunami dangers specific to boating, what to do when a tsunami strikes, and a map showing safe offshore zones.

NTHMP Oregon TsunamiReady, TsunamiPrepared Outreach and Education Program Report - 2012-2013 (Phase IV / Year 4) by Peter Ovington, DOGAMI

full report (21 MB) | main report only (2 MB) |
appendices only (survey results by county and media coverage by county; 19 MB)

2013 Update - Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquakes: A Magnitude 9.0 Earthquake Scenario

by Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW). 28-page PDF, 4 MB.


Earthquakes and Tsunamis

by DOGAMI. Longer version (in PDF format) of the PowerPoint presentation shown at recent earthquake and tsunami awareness rallies up and down the Oregon coast. 66-page PDF, 5 MB.


Oregon Resilience Plan: Reducing Risk and Improving Recovery for the Next Cascadia Earthquake and Tsunami

by Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission (OSSPAC), 242 p.+ appendices PDF. This Plan makes recommendations on policy direction to protect lives and keep commerce flowing during and after a Cascadia (megathrust) earthquake and tsunami.” The Plan and recommendations were delivered to the Oregon Legislative Assembly February 28, 2013. Executive Summary (8 p. PDF).


Local Planning Guidance on Distant Tsunami Response

by Oregon Distant Tsunami Working Group, 72 p. This effort brings together stakeholders from local, state, and federal agencies to better prepare Oregon for a distant tsunami event.


American Red Cross Earthquake App

Get notified when an earthquake occurs, prepare your family and home, find help and let others know you are safe even if the power is out. From your mobile phone, call "**REDCROSS" (**73327677) and Red Cross will send you a link to download the app to your phone or you can download the app directly from the iTunes or Google Play app stores.

Other American Red Cross apps: First Aid App; Shelter Finder


Living on Shaky Ground: How to Survive Earthquakes and Tsunamis in OregonSmartphone tsunami evacuation apps

iPhone | online portal | news release


Living on Shaky Ground: How to Survive Earthquakes and Tsunamis in OregonCascadia Winter 2012: The 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami: Lessons for the Oregon Coast

Understanding how the Tohoku, Japan earthquake and tsunami happened - and why it can happen here. 16-page PDF, 8.3 MB.


Living on Shaky Ground: How to Survive Earthquakes and Tsunamis in OregonEmergency Go-Kit Passport

Create a record of your important medical and contact information in one handy location. From Oregon Emergency Management.


Oregon Tsunami Emergency Guidebook for Oregon Mass Media (a.k.a. Oregon Tsunami Media Binder), Oregon Emergency Management, 2007, 46 p. PDF

This guidebook provides a concise overview of the notification process used to send tsunami alerts to public information broadcasters, local jurisdictions and the public. It includes a Tsunami Warning Flow Chart that shows how information is sent to broadcasters, a contact list of tsunami experts who can provide credible tsunami information during a tsunami event, and Oregon coastal community evacuation maps of regions most susceptible to tsunamis.


Living on Shaky Ground: How to Survive Earthquakes and Tsunamis in OregonThe Big One - Earthquake Preparedness

Here's a "Quake-Up" call for everyone living in the Pacific Northwest! We're due for a really, really big earthquake in the near future that would be larger than the Hatian and Chilean earthquakes combined. 2-minute OregonGeogology YouTube video.

More video, animation, and audio files.


Living on Shaky Ground: How to Survive Earthquakes and Tsunamis in OregonLiving on Shaky Ground: How to Survive Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Oregon

Oregon Emergency Management provides this PDF guide, based on California's "Living on Shaky Ground" publication, to help you learn about what you can expect and how you can prepare.


Earthquake Hazard Basics

33-slide Microsoft PowerPoint file (13 MB, Earthquake-Basics.pptx)


Tsunami Hazard Basics

22-slide Microsoft PowerPoint file (14 MB, Tsunami-Basics.pptx)


DOGAMI Fact Sheet: Tsunami Inundation and Evacuation Maps for Oregon


DOGAMI Fact Sheet: Tsunami Hazards in Oregon


DOGAMI Fact Sheet: TsunamiReady,™ TsunamiPrepared — Oregon Coastwide National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program


DOGAMI Special Paper 43, Simulating tsunami inundation at Bandon, Coos County, Oregon, using hypothetical Cascadia and Alaska earthquake scenarios.

Full publication includes report, map plates, GIS data set, time histories, and animations. Report only.


DOGAMI Special Paper 41: Tsunami hazard assessment of the northern Oregon coast: A multi-deterministic approach tested at Cannon Beach, Clatsop County, Oregon.

Full publication includes report, map plates, data GIS set, time histories, and animations. Report only. Zipped file of DVD (746MB).